A Cob Walled Cottage
The interesting documentation of a cob walled cottage in Ireland
Window Reveal

Incorrect construction of the vertical DPC to the window reveal

Rain water harvesting

Designed for Death

The design and construction with adequate provision for Fire Safety is critical for the safe occupation of every building

DAC Practicability

DAC 'Practicable'

TGDM 2010 and protected buildings, more practical guidance document in relation to accessibility of a building.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management Plan

How to maintain and increase the value of you property most efficiently using a maintenance management plan

Exempt House Extension

Do you need planning permission for your house extension. It may be possible to build it without planning permission.

Protect your plumbing from frost

Masonry Cavity Walls; The End?

Environmental directive may see the end of the typical masonry cavity wall design.

Residential Room Sizes and Quality Design Guidelines

Find the minimum room sizes required for quality design in sustainable comunities, along with a design audit checklist.

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Fire Safety Certificate Applications

The importance of having a fire safety certificate and the various methods of applying for an Fire Cert.

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Blog of the Month

www.pforproject.com - Some Historic Information About Buildings

Derelict Dublin - More old Buildings of Dublin

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Updated 17 April 2014


AKVAir Solar - Accumulator Tank
This tank combines the heat produced by your conventional boiler with the heat produced by your solar panels or heat pump as well as an emursion switch if requested.

The different methods heat one tank of water which will be consistantly hot and remains in the tank, storing the heat. The hot water that comes out of your taps has travelled through a coil that goes through the tank. Therefore the heat that is in the tank is not lost as the large volume of water stores the heat along with a well insulated tank.

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