Article Publication Editorial Guidelines

Bauen Properties aim to provide readers with high quality, original content. To ensure that your articles meet our criteria, please use the following guidelines when producing content to be published:


  • All articles must be original articles.
  • Do not include any affiliate program links.
  • Submit your article to forum@propertyfix.net. Multiple submissions of the same article will result in the article being removed.
  • You may include up to 3 hyperlinks in an article.
  • You may include up to 3 hyperlinks in your Author Bio.
  • All contact information should appear only at the end of the article and be less than 60 words long.
  • You can only place HTML tags in the body of your article and contact information.
  • Please select up to 15 highly relevant keywords that are separated by a comma. Non-relevant keywords will be removed.
  • Articles that are advertisements, or appear to be advertisements, will be considered spam and will not be approved for publication.


  • Article Title: A maximum of 150 characters and minimum of 2 words. (We recommend using up to 80 characters for best search engine results). Do not use ALL CAPS. Do not have the name of your company or website in the title. Your author name should not appear in the title.
  • Article Body: A minimum of 250 words and a maximum length of 12,000 characters. The following HTML tags are allowed within the body of the article: <br />, <p>, <b>, <i>, <u> and <a href>.
  • Author name: Do not use your website as the author name. Your author name should not appear in the title of the article.
  • Do not use hard breaks in your article, only at the end of a paragraph (clicking Enter twice or using the <br /> tag)
  • Bold, italicize, or underline only text that needs to be emphasized, not the entire article
  • Make sure to use paragraph breaks. If you don’t divide your article up into short paragraphs, it will be difficult to read, and the readers will give up on your article.

Illegal/Objectionable subject matter

  • Family Safe Content Only: We do not allow articles on pornography, escort services, sex toys, violence, illegal subjects (such as movie downloads), potentially dangerous information, or hate speech. This includes both written and visual material. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and Bauen Properties reserve the right to reject any article.
  • Articles cannot include plagiarized material from any other person or source. You must own 100% of the article you publish.
  • Articles should not link to or promote online gambling sites.


The articles on this web site are provided for informational purposes only and are not for redistribution. Bauen Properties does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

Bauen Properties reserve the right not to publish every article that is submitted.


Terms of Use

Author Terms of Service

  1. You agree that you are the original author of each article that you submit. If you have hired a ghostwriter, then you have already agreed that you have exclusive rights to each article you submit.
  2. There are no guarantees that your article will be accepted for publication in our directory. It is the sole discretion of  Bauen Properties whether or not to include your article. If published, we reserve the right to remove any article at any time.
  3. By submitting your articles to Bauen Properties, you agree to allow us to:
    • Publish your article on www.propertyfix.net and any of its article directory partners.
    • Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate.
    • Publish your article in our subscription newsletters.
  4. You agree that www.propertyfix.net is a free service for authors and publishers. You will not be paid for submitting your article to our sites and you will not be paid if and when your articles are published. You will receive all credit for your work and your contact details will be left in place.
  5. You agree to not include any affiliate links in the body of your article. If you are trying to promote an affiliate program, please set up your own domain and link to it in your contact details.
  6. Bauen Properties may at any time translate your article into various languages for our sister sites. Your article will remain complete with your resource box.
  7. We reserve the right to include advertising on pages with your articles.
  8. Editorial Guidelines are indicated above.


You agree to not hold Bauen Properties liable for any inaccuracies found within an article published on www.propertyfix.net or any of our partner sites. www.propertyfix.net is simply a focal point for authors to meet. If you have an issue with someone stealing your original work, please contact us and we will remove the article in question immediately.
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All articles published by Bauen Properties on www.propertyfix.net and its partners are for informational purposes only.